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John “Klondike” Koehler

A reformed electric bass player with big ears and good hands, Klon has devoted his life to the performance of music, whether on stage or off. Raised in culturally-rich Washington, DC, attending concerts by the Beatles, Hendrix, James Brown and Duke Ellington, he aspired to excel as a performer, but soon realized his true calling as a builder and operator of sound systems.

Managing the long transition from “public address” to “sound reinforcement” systems has encouraged the development of a broad skill set. As a lifelong tinker, Klon has enjoyed continuing education in carpentry, electrics, rigging and acoustics.

Klon is the Audio Director of the New Orleans Jazz Festival, and received an “E-chievement” award from NPR’s E-town show for founding Katrina's Piano Fund, a non-profit mission which delivered over 500 instruments (of all kinds) to displaced and dispossessed New Orleans musicians. He tours internationally as PM/FOH with musician Miki Singh and is a co-founder and partner of FestivaLink, a live concert recording and download enterprise located in Boulder, Colorado.

Klon lives at the end of a dirt road in the woods. He plays bass (still....) with numerous groups, including the Dirt Simple Band, Wailin’ Dave, Blame it on Tina, and the college pals who got him hooked in the first place: The Outerspace Band.

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Chris Kelly

A long time part of the Klondike team, 16 years and counting, Chris is our Contract Manager.  He handles all those nitty gritty details that go along with getting a show together.  Chris now divides his time between his home office in Concord, NH and the office in Greenfield. 

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Justin W. Anderson

At age seven Justin started working with his father off Broadway for the American Chamber Opera Company (ACOC) as a Production Assistant.  He then moved on to acting and stage-managing many productions at Deering High School in Portland, Maine. As he went off to college to study philosophy, he continued his theatrical career constructing sets and operating lighting boards for the ACOC.  In the summer of 1997, Justin started working for Maine Arts, Inc. stage managing Congress Square in Portland, this led to his career in sound engineering, recording and lighting design.  For nine years Justin worked with IATSE Local 114 and Moonlighting Production Services.  In 2007, when a shop position opened up at Klondike, Justin moved down Massachusetts.  Justin manages our truck and gear deployment.

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Dustin Yager

Stagecraft runs through his veins.  Following in the footsteps of his father, a twenty year veteran of IATSE Local 232 and Technical Director of Deerfield Academy, Dustin began his career six years ago working with that same local and recently attained membership.  His passion for music runs deep.  As a guitar player of twelve years, he studied music and its fundamentals in college to further expand his knowledge and creativity.  This led to an acquired understanding and practice of audio recording, which made his transition to sound reinforcement here at Klondike a natural fit.  He also served as the 2009 and 2010 Audio Director for the Franklin County Relay for Life, an experience he has said to be both "rewarding and self gratifying".  Dustin is a graduate of Franklin County Technical School with a focus on electrical studies.  Dustin manages rentals and keeps the shop running smoothly.

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Klondike Sound History:

In the late 1960’s a bearded longhair, named “Klondike” because he resembled a prospector from Alaska, founded Klondike Sound to provide systems for college rock shows. There were no “off-the-shelf” professional components in those days; he built systems from hot-rodded hi-fi parts, tube amplifiers, and re-packaged movie theater speakers with tie-dye grille cloth. A stack of small broadcast mixers summed 16 channels for the largest shows, and the soldering iron was the first piece of equipment to be plugged in.

During the next 40 years, Pro Audio has grown from infancy to industry and Klondike Sound has evolved with every stage of development. Horn-loaded loudspeakers from Arkansas gave way to line arrays from France and vacuum tubes have yielded to digital technology for dramatic improvements in flexibility, portability and performance. Please see our Sales and Equipment Rentals page for inventory features.

Throughout four decades Klondike Sound has maintained high standards in all aspects of audio production. Preparation for even the smallest event involves careful review of artist requirements, seating plan specifics, electrical and logistical details and the drafting of a production schedule to insure a stress-free day for all providers and performers. To meet the needs, equipment is specially selected from a deep and well-maintained inventory. Transport is facilitated by a long-term lease agreement with Penske for large trucks and dealership-maintained smaller ones.

Most importantly, Klondike Sound is proud of its employees and associates. It takes a rare person to devote countless hours to the challenges of mixing art and science, enduring tight schedules and tough conditions, all with the humility to put the music first and remain “the man or woman behind the curtain.”  Engineers who have given their full time to us include many who have developed into world-class technicians, including Erik von Ranson, Ethan Williams, Larry Berger, Mark Brosnan, Doug Linnell, Pete Wiejaczka, Dana Parsons and CJ Danek. The ranks of great independent “A-1” contractors include Steve Schrems, Alison Goessling, Howard Rose, Brendan Twitchell, James Skiathitis, Bob Potter, Will Taylor and Darin Pawlus.

Klondike’s goal has always been the same: bring the audience into a tight circle around the song or the story and help a good performance become a great concert. We are proud to have played key roles in over 10,000 events, from house concerts and multi-stage music festivals to small meetings
and conventions.

Please see the individual service pages for credits, production details, and photos.
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