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Most importantly, we are music lovers! Our mantra for over 40 years: “Get the equipment out of the way of the music.” Our goal is to empower the artist to move his audience and bring them to a common place where emotion is shared. The genres are unlimited: Count Basie to Morphine, Harry Connick Jr. to Ani DiFranco, Mavis Staples to Emmylou Harris. The places are unlimited: Carnegie Hall, the Legion Hall; Wendell’s Coffeehouse, the White House; Guadelupe, Amsterdam, Marrakesh, Mumbai and Lake Wobegon....

Klondike Sound is unique among concert production companies for its attention to detail, from first inquiry to follow-up. We advance the needs of every performer to insure their needs are met and measure every venue to insure complete coverage and high intelligibility. KSC has deep inventory in every component category and is able to serve as many as ten shows a day.

As a founding member of the L’Acoustics VDOSC network, KSC was the seventh company in North America to adopt line array loudspeaker technology in 1996. We have traditional speaker systems as well for specific applications. Audiences range from small college theaters seating 500, to ski-slope music festivals seating 20,000.

Mixing consoles from Midas, Yamaha (analog and digital) and others provide choices for all budgets and production levels, from 8 inputs to 60.

We deploy all of our own scaffolding and rigging with a 10:1 safety factor and meet or exceed all National Electrical Code guidelines.

KSC is a proud member of the Professional Lighting and Sound Association ;(PLASA) and is fully insured.

Contact Chris Kelly for a quote:  chris@klondikesound.com

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